Mike Petrucci

I recently quit my full time job with no direction. Here I am, a week since my last day, and I’ve mostly been catching up on chores and spending time with family. It’s honestly been really nice to make plans with people and not have to decline because of other responsibilities. I spent three years of being in a career that overworked me, required overtime frequently to keep up with the load, and expected me to have personality traits that were not in my genetics. Want to take a guess at what kind of job I had? …

No smartphone and no Internet, I navigate the real world without the help of my iPhone for a day.

Most of us that own smartphones tend to never leave the house without it. We wake up and check our emails. Take a lunch break and check our text messages. Get home and scroll aimlessly through social media until it’s way past our bedtimes and our bodies are begging us to go to sleep. Why do we constantly have our smartphones in our hands? The answer is simple: addiction.

Hugh Han

12:00 AM: I unplug myself from all technology. At this time, I am no longer allowed to use my cellphone, laptop, or gaming console, or hook up to the internet.


Almost everyone has memories of going shopping as a child. Your parents dragged you into J. C. Penney, Target, Walmart, and a wide range of other stores to pick out back to school clothes each year. Then, you went back for winter coats. Then spring t-shirts. Then summer swimwear. And the cycle repeats.

Alexandre Godreau

While it makes sense that a growing child would need new clothes each season, we don’t have to keep shopping in that pattern as we grow older. Eventually we stop growing. And at that point, we’re stuffing our closets full of clothes we don’t need. What’s worse…

When I began my journey into minimalism, I read into what the lifestyle was all about, and why I should get on the train. Most people stated that minimalism was all about values. What is it that truly brings you happiness? What have you really wanted for yourself that you never got? What is important? For me, the goal I wanted to achieve was to have better relationships. In a lot of ways, minimalism helped me see what I was doing wrong and how I could fix my problems.

Timo Stern

While minimalism couldn’t fix any old crummy relationships I used to…

It’s been about two years since I felt that feeling that you might also feel when you look in the mirror. We all had or still have insecurities at one point or another, yet we tend to shrug it off and thing, oh well, nothing I can do to change it. For me and many others, that insecurity was my skin.


I wore makeup every day of my life since about the fourth or fifth grade. Leaving home without it was impossible. Sometimes I wouldn’t even leave my room without putting on a light layer. I always thought my skin…

At the start of 2017, I had no idea minimalism would become so prominent in my life. I had been watching the documentary made by the Minimalists when the clothes rack in my closet collapsed due to the sheer weight of all the clothing I owned. This was the moment that would change the course of my life forever and allow me to experience some of the best memories I’ll ever have.

Recently, I stepped off a plane into the amazing world that is New York City. Growing up, I never imagined going somewhere so magnificent. New York seemed big…

Think about this question for a moment: How many hours a day are you mindlessly scrolling through your social media apps?

Before crushing my addiction to something that seems so innocent but can be so deadly, I was using social media more than I was sleeping. I’d wake up at 6 AM and spend about 45 minutes to an hour on social media. I’d spend every class in college tuning out the professor while scrolling through Twitter and texting off my MacBook. Then, I’d return home and spend anywhere between an hour to seven hours on social media. The best…

At some point in each of our lives, we had that moment of realization that we were different. Some of us eased into it, some experienced it rather quickly. For me, it was a sudden feeling. I laid eyes on the girl that would change my life forever and felt a way that I hadn’t felt before. Little 13-year-old Marnie was afraid and she didn’t know why. Was this the moment that I entered the closet?

You could argue that the metaphorical closet all of us gays have been in begins when we gain an understanding of the culture we…

Poetry from “a black and white rainbow”

Dear Mom and Dad
it started

I love you both so much
I write

Left folded on the table
the truth, for my two parents

and little did I know
shortly after came silence
shortly after came violence
shortly after came emptiness


my mind is static
and through the gray lines
that cloud my thoughts
I can see her
it’s an outline of her
completely covered in
gray, except that I can
find blue specks where
her eyes are.

my mind is static
but I know that
she can change the

my mind is static
but there she is

I’ve been in every situation imaginable when it comes to the subject of coming out. If you can think of a reaction, I’ve had it happen to me. From the least amount of interest to screaming and crying, I’ve seen it all.

It’s a different situation when a coworker comes out. Being out to your coworkers can get weird fast. These are the people you see every day, some of which you might even get drinks with after work. In my experience, I’ve had mostly positive reactions from the people I work with. …

Emily C

A witch, writer, creator, painter, vintage postcard collector, mediocre kalimba player, photographer, baker, college grad. I change my name a lot.

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